Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day Six in America - 7 Feburary 2008

Housatonic Community College - 7 February 2008

I have arrived for my first appointment very early today. This is due to the fact that I got very, very lost in Hartford two days ago, and this, coupled with a left hand drive car, made it quite an experience. Housatonic Community College has no security, a bit like ours. I have decided to go to the Bridgeport public library to type this blog entry. Tonight, I have an arts opening to attend at the college, and will be home late. I have driven with, and have overtaken, many Steven Speilburg 'Duel' type trucks! A real experience. More about the Housatonic Community College later.


Len Tildsley said...

I see that they have a gauranteed admission route to University. How does this compare to our Level 3 / ascces course standard for entry to our Universities?

Len Tildsley said...

What is the college day/week/year like for typical students? Are there early starts and late finishes? Do they have a fixed academic year for most courses or do they roll-on-roll-off throughout the summer? What about weekends?

The more I read the more questions come to me. I had better stop now. ;-)

Richard Booth said...

Do the courses at the Community College have developed VLE courses with resources and online activities?

What are the range of courses developed on VLE systems?


Nick said...

Can you find out more about initial assessment processes and how these are used to inform the teaching and learning - and how is this done for on-line courses?